Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Introducing Dasient Web Anti-Malware (WAM)

posted by Neil Daswani, Ameet Ranadive, and Shariq Rizvi,
Co-Founders, Dasient

If you've been following our blog, you'll know that we've been talking quite a bit about the latest security threats on the web. One of the threats we've been focusing on specifically is web-based malware. This kind of attack -- in which hackers compromise a legitimate site and turn it into a delivery vehicle for drive-by malware downloads -- has long been regarded as an emerging threat.

But one look at the numbers makes it clear that this threat has officially arrived: In the last two years, there's been a 600% increase in the number of malware-infected webpages, and 80% of those pages are legitimate. Google first reported the problem of malware-infected pages exploding from April 2007 to January 2008. Microsoft estimated in an April 2009 report that the total number of legitimate webpages being compromised per month is more than 1 million. And now that search engines like Google and Yahoo; browsers like IE8, Firefox, and Chrome; and desktop AV providers like Norton and McAfee are blacklisting compromised sites, those sites are seeing double-digit losses in traffic and revenue and taking significant hits to their reputation.

Those are just some of the reasons we're proud to be opening up our Dasient Web Anti-Malware service to a broader audience today. Dasient Web Anti-Malware -- or "WAM," as we like to call it -- is the world's first complete anti-malware solution for websites. Dasient WAM monitors, automatically identifies, and quarantines malware on websites, before those sites suffer significant losses in traffic, revenue, and reputation.

We're making the monitoring and diagnostic elements of WAM openly available in public beta today, and making the quarantining element available in private beta. WAM is available both to site owners and to web hosting providers interested in offering their customers protection against web-based malware. If you want to learn more, jump down to the full text of our news release, which we've included below. If you're ready to get started right away, head here to sign up for free blacklist monitoring for your site.

We're excited to be bringing these necessary protections to the web, and are looking forward to your feedback. Stay tuned to this space for more news on Dasient WAM and further insights on the development of new web-based threats.

Here is the press release:

Dasient Introduces First Web Anti-Malware Service

Addresses Growing Need for Protection From New Web-Based Attacks

PALO ALTO, June 16, 2009 – Dasient today introduced the industry's first service to protect companies against a fast-growing class of web-based attacks that compromise legitimate websites and then use them to spread malware to the sites' visitors. Dasient's new Web Anti-Malware (WAM) service continually monitors websites, diagnoses any infections, and helps businesses address the infections, before the sites suffer significant losses in traffic, revenue, and reputation.

"In the last two years, we've seen a fundamental shift in the way malware is spread," said Dasient co-founder Dr. Neil Daswani. "Hackers are using highly automated and mutable attacks to turn websites into delivery vehicles for malicious software. This is a web problem at its core, and it requires a solution that can function at web speed and web scale. That's exactly what we had in mind when we designed the Dasient WAM service."

Sharp Increase in Malware-Infected Webpages

Each day, thousands of legitimate websites are infected with malicious code, often without their knowledge. The speed, scale, and complexity of these attacks makes it extremely difficult for website owners to identify and fix the resulting infections, and in some cases to even know they've occurred.

The most immediate result of web malware infection is blacklisting by search engines like Google and Yahoo; browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome; and desktop anti-virus providers like Norton and McAfee. When blacklisted, a website's visitors are redirected to a warning that the site they're about to visit might be dangerous. In many cases, being blacklisted causes a sharp drop in traffic to the site, depriving the site owner of advertising or e-commerce revenue, damaging the site's brand, and spurring additional support costs.

Dasient Identifies and Contains Malware That Can Infect Site Visitors

Today Dasient is announcing the following updates to its patent-pending Web Anti-Malware service, which has been in alpha testing with thousands of websites since early this year:

  • Free Blacklist Monitoring: Regularly monitors blacklists from search engines, browsers, and desktop anti-virus companies and provides customers with instant alerts if they've been flagged by those providers. The WAM Blacklist Monitoring service is now in public beta, and is available for free to direct customers and web hosting providers.

  • Premium Monitoring and Diagnosis: Continuously monitors customer websites for malicious code that can be distributed by web applications, user-generated content, third-party widgets, advertisements, and other vulnerable site elements. When an infection is identified, customers are notified and provided with detailed diagnostic information, including all malicious source code and infected URLs. The WAM Premium Monitoring service is now in public beta, and is available on a subscription basis to direct customers and web hosting providers.

  • Quarantining: Used in conjunction with the Premium Monitoring service, Dasient's quarantining technology automatically contains infections as soon as they're diagnosed, serving the webpages in question but not the malicious code. Quarantining prevents the site from spreading malware broadly to its visitors and keeps it from being flagged by blacklist providers. The WAM Quarantining service is now in private beta, and direct customers and web hosting providers can sign up to join the beta on the Dasient site.

The Dasient WAM monitoring and diagnostic services are built on a set of behavioral analysis technologies that continually crawl customer sites and the web, identifying new web-based malware infections. The monitoring and diagnostic tools are provided to customers as a web service, and the quarantining technology is made available as a web server module that can be installed by customers or web hosting providers.

More information about the Dasient WAM service and pricing can be found at www.dasient.com.

About Dasient

Dasient is an Internet security company that protects businesses from web-based malware attacks. It is the first to develop a complete Web Anti-Malware service that can monitor, automatically identify, and quarantine malware on websites before it can infect visitors and cause a loss of traffic, reputation, and revenue. Dasient was founded by former Google engineers Neil Daswani and Shariq Rizvi and former McKinsey strategy consultant Ameet Ranadive. They are backed by a group of seed investors who also invested in VeriSign, Citrix, Twitter, Digg, Tumbleweed, Finjan, and more. More information about Dasient can be found at www.dasient.com.


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